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If you want to see latest Pakistani bridal makeup looks by Uzma then have a look at these beautiful and elegant bridal makeup looks. If we talk about well known and popular beauty salons in Pakistan then we should mention the name of Uzma Bridal Salon. This bridal salon has been working since many years ago and it is located in Lahore. Today it is one of the best beauty salons in Pakistan for bridal makeup and party makeup as well.
The bridal makeup is done in such a perfection that bride always look stunning and beautiful. If we talk about the bridal makeup package of Uzma bridal salon then it is affordable as compared to other salons. So all the future brides should not miss out catching the pictures of makeup looks by Uzma Bridal Salon.

 Uzma Beauty Salon is run by MRS. Uzma Babar who is has a clear vision of “Feel the Style & Beauty.” She is expert in hair styling and bridal makeup along with part and occasional makeup.

Some bridal pictures are given below for your reference

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