Cover scars by make-up


How to cover acne and scars?

Some girls have skin problems and they have acne and scars on their face. When they are going to some party, they are afraid and upset to their face problem. They think, how they cover acne and scars. They can cover their scars by using easy make-up transformation.

Learn Cover acne and scars:

  1. You apply the Fix & Perfect primer base with your hands.
  2. Then, use the erase paste benefit with its stick. It apply on scars and acne area only and after that you mix the paste with finger
  3. For more learning watch video.
Note: Use the best brand foundation and base.

Click Link:
cover acne and scars by easy make-up

Covering acne and scars by makeup

             Before         After

Now you can learn party makeup by watching video

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