Dark Nail polish and lipstick


Beautiful nail paint and lipstick look 

Nail paint make the beauty of hands and lipstick shows face perfect. If you select the both color same, you have a clear and fine look. Everyone praise your beauty. Nail paint glance the nail wonderful and admirable. Red color for both type (nail paint and lipstick) shows bright and fine look. 

This is a Nails Inc Gel Effect nail polishes. These are gel nail polish that makes the nail gorgeous. You don't even need a UV lamp to get the coveted gel nail polish effect, which is a definite plus since the UV lamps are believed to increase the risk of skin cancer. These Nails Inc lacquers have a Plasticizer technology which ensures a high shine finish.

  A vibrant orange, coral, or pink nail adds the perfect pop of color, not unlike a statement shoe or necklace," says Michelle Saunders, an Essie celebrity manicurist. 

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