How to do facial at home?


Facial at Home

Our skin needs an extra care and protection from the change weather. Having a glowing and fair skin is a dream of everyone. So, getting a facial treatment is the best care of skin. Everyone can do the facial at home. You got the different facial treatment at parlor but you do not satisfy from their service. You didn't get satisfactory result. And every expert will charge you per cream. You can rid all of these problems by purchasing your choice facial and do it at home. Now all products are available in the market according to your skin type. However, You can go market and purchase all the products that you needed and that are suitable for your skin type. In the market, some super store are famous for its quality.  I didn't have good experience of facial message from a beauty parlor so i do it at home. I have gathered all necessary information related to skin whitening facial and products in this post that you will find useful. 

Best Whitening Facial Products

I found the following best whitening facial products that meet with all skin types.
  1. Blesso Whitening Facial Products
  2. HB-11 Whitening Facial Products
  3. Hollywood Style Facial Whitening Products
  4. SkinVita Whitening Products

All the above brands have a complete range of skin whitening facial products. After selection of products the next step is how we can do facial at home and what other things we need for it. At the end of post there is a picture showing you steps for massaging.
Things you Need for Skin Whitening Facial
  • Head band
  • A small towel
  • A bowl of water
  • Sponge
  • Black head remover applicator
  • Steamer (optional)
  • Cotton
  • Cleansing milk
  • Beauty cream
  • Scrub
  • Mask
  • Toner or astringent

Step for facial massage

Move your fingers gently as shown in picture for massage. Do massage for 5-8 minutes in each step for good result.


Tie head band around your hair like in picture.

Step 1- Face Cleansing
Firstly you need to clean up your face from dirt and oil. For this purpose apply cleansing milk on your face and neck; massage properly from neck to upwards nearly 5 minutes then clean with sponge. Cleansing milk picture showing for tour reference.

Step 2- Face Messaging

After cleansing your face properly next step is massaging. A good massage with a suitable massage cream increases the blood circulation in your facial area which reduces wrinkles and pigmentation, making the skin look young and also soften the skin. Apply cream on face and neck and message it. If you have dry skin then I will recommend you to select intensive moisturizing cream, for oily skin use whitening herbal massage cream and if your skin is sensitive then apply whitening facial massage cream. Massage cream about 5 minutes.

Step 3- Face Scrubing
After face massage, you use the scrub. You use apricot scrub for normal skin. If you have acne then use St. Ives Naturally Clear scrub is best for you. Dot scrub all over your face and neck. When the skin gets dry during scrub, wet your hands again and scrub.

Step 4- Black Heads Removing
Now if you have black heads on your face then get steam without removing scrub then use black heads remover applicator for removing black heads from skin. I will not recommend you steam in summer season because it can harm your skin in hot season. For removing black heads from nose you can also use deep cleansing nose strips.

Step 5- Mask
Mud masks are considered the best but some mud mask causes irritation on sensitive skin so in such situation I recommend you to use peel off mask. Hollywood Style whitening mud mask is best for all skin types. I will suggest you to use Lemon peel off mask  for oily skin and blesso whitening peel-off mask is excellent for sensitive skin. Leave mask on your skin until gets dry then wash off with normal water. Does not use sponge for removing mud mask instead gently rub your skin during rinse off.

Step 6- Toner
At the end apply skin toner or astringent on face. Hollywood style softening glycerin toner and L’oreal Paris white perfect whitening and moisturizing toner are good. For dry skin I will suggest you hollywood style extreme dry skin toner.

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