How to lighten dark lips naturally


How to lighten dark lips naturally?

Everyone likes to have rosy and pink lips. Pinkish and rosy lips enhance your beauty. In this piece of writing, you will find some best natural home therapy to lighten dark lips.

How to cure dark lips?

Although natural pink lips are most imperative element of a woman and man’s charm which add to their demand, dark lips can smear personal image and can cause awkwardness. There are many features that can cause your lips to go dark. Sometimes darker lips are hereditary inherited and are most commonly found in dark complexioned people. There are numerous factors that can cause your lips to get darker. The most common causes for darker lips are exposure to sun, UV rays, smoking, allergies, too much caffeine intake, and age.

Who does not like to have pink rosy lips? 
Everyone does. But you cannot wear lipstick or lip balms at all times. For your benefit we will tell you best ways to lighten dark lips naturally. best natural Best home remedies to help you in getting rosy pink lips.
  1. Homemade Natural Scrub for lips: 
Make a thick turmeric paste by mixing milk with turmeric powder. First of all, wet your lips with water and first scrub off your lips gently with a soft tooth brush. A soft tooth brush is a very good exfoliates for your lips. Apply a bit of the turmeric paste on all over your lips and let it remain there for not more than 2-3 minutes. Exfoliate your lips again gently with the soft tooth brush. Paddle dries your lips and applies lip balm of your preference. It’s better to use homemade lip balm.

2.  Lemon, Sugar Lip Scrub:
 In a small bowl, mix in 1 teaspoon of freshly condenses lemon juice and coconut oil. Add in and stir thoroughly 2 teaspoons of granulated sugar. If needed, you can add in more sugar in paste. After mixing it well, you can transfer the scrub into a appropriate storage pot. It can be safely kept in fridge and it is fine for about one week.

3. Honey:
Honey is another natural home remedy to treat dark lips into soft and pink. Apply honey on all over your lips every night, let it dry and remain there overnight. It will not only lighten your lips, but also soften and give them a pink glow.

4.  Lemon Juice: 
Lemon is also known for its natural bleaching properties. So that, it’s an effective natural home remedy to lighten dark lips. It can not only lighten dark lips, but also can remove darker bit and spots from your lips and skin. Lemon juice works to exfoliate your lip’s skin and brings up new tone on your lips. Squeeze a lemon and massage its fresh juice over your lips. You can apply this home remedy every night before you sleep to get shiny and pink lips.

Now we have given above the best and inexpensive natural beauty tips to lighten your lips. Practice them and see how your lips bloom and glow like a pink rose.

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