Check Lipstick Complexion


Complexion of Lipstick:

You'll be a lot happier with the results of your lipstick application if you understand which lipstick shades and compositions complement your skin tone and texture. Keep these factors in mind when you're picking out lipstick:

  1. Consider your coloring. If you're dark-skinned, choose a bold color that provides a pretty contrast. If you're pale-skinned a lighter pink or neutral color may stand out enough for you. For a medium complexion, go for cinnamon or plum.
  2. Consider your skin texture. If your skin is on the dry side, you don't want to go for a matte lipstick; this type of lipstick can dry lips out. Look for a type of lipstick that contains good skin conditioners.
  3. Consider your preferences. Ultimately, wearing lipstick should be fun, and a little daring. If you love the idea of wearing a bold red lipstick, go for it. If you put it on properly it's sure to be show-stopping.
Picture shows the complexion check. You will choose the lipstick by your complexion.
White color girl looks pretty in light lipstick color. 

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