Steps to wear lipstick


Steps of lipstick wearing:

This picture shows the steps to wear the lipstick. Learn to wear lipstick. Lip color is back in a big way, but deciding when to wear it can be tricky. You 'll apply outstanding lipstick by taking care of step 1 to step 9. You will apply clear Outline and lipstick by using these ways. Apply lipstick looking for these steps.
Red lips can go from day to night, with anything you decide to wear. A little blush, a touch of mascara and you can run out the door feeling fabulous. Red lips can make a statement before you even have a chance to say a word. Here are my five steps for perfect red lips
Red lipstick should be applied carefully, following the natural line of your lip. The first application will be your base color. Blot by taking a tissue and pressing between your lips.

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