How to Create The Base of the Skin


Base of the skin


Applying the makeup base

Base of the skin is crucial part of the makeup. If the base applying perfect and clear, you look gorgeous.To create a perfect base of your skin, you should first apply the makeup base to your forehead, cheeks, nose, and the tip of your chin. Use your middle and ring fingers up to the second joint and spread the base evenly with a gentle massaging motion, reaching up to around your eyes.

 One of the most important part when doing your makeup is having a smooth and flawless base. You need how to create Beauty tip: starting with a flawless facethe perfect canvass so everything else will blend well together and you will eventually have that gorgeous finish. It’s easy to achieve this crucial beauty tip. Of course, the first thing you should remember is to have a healthy skin care regime which is the most significant of all. Purchase a facial wash, a toner and a moisturizer that works well with your skin.

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