Ombre lipstick


Ombre Lips 

Learn the Ombre lips style in different three style. Ombre lipstick comes with two complementary shades built into one, so with one sweep over the lips you have a darker shade lining the outside of your mouth. This lipstick style makes the use of lipstick very easy. It can be used for day and night, no matter the season.

Click the link for watching tutorial. It's helps the many girls for learn three different style of wearing lipstick.

Steps for applying Ombre Lip style:

  1. First of all, you choose the Lip liner color which you apply on your lips.
  2. Apply the lip liner at the end of the lips such as you apply lip liner.
  3. Put the Lip liner at the corner of lips.
  4. Use the lipstick brush for smooth the color of lip liner.
  5. Put the Lip stick with brush at the side and place of lip liner.
  6. Clean the center of the lips with your finger.
  7. Then directly apply the Lip stick.


Ombre Lips style by milavictoria

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