How to apply eyeliner ?


Perfect Winged Eyeliner Style

Eyeliner makes the beauty of eye. Eyeliner is the important part of make-up. Learn the perfect winged eyeliner style. It is the style of 2015 make-up.  You can apply eyeliner by using small angled brush, liquid eyeliner and adhesive tape. You can apply eyeliner reading these steps.

  1. Apply the eyeliner normally as you apply on eye. Eyeliner close to the eyelash make the winged perfect.
  2. Press a small piece of adhesive tape on cloth to make it less sticky. Use the tape to make a guideline from the outer edge of your lower lash line toward the end of your eyebrow.
  3.  Tape is connected to your upper lash line.
  4.  Connect the wing line to the upper lash line, creating a triangular shape. 
  5.  Fill in the triangle with eyeliner. Apply mascara. 

See the latest style of eyeliner.

Winged Eyeliner 2015 Style

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