how to use foundation in Summer?


Nobody wants spread the makeup or disproportionate darker spots on their face. Best advice for you is, if you have a nice skin, to leave it to breathe in the summer and not to use foundation at all.
If you are not from the fortunate ones with ideal and clean skin, which needs no coating, you may nonetheless use foundation, but you must follow certain rules during the summer season.
1. First of all, prefer a foundation with a protection factor (at least 15). You will save the purchase of a sun protection cream for the summer and will protect your face skin from the damage and aging effects of the sun. If you are still exposed to the sun for longer time, it is better to put sun protection cream under the foundation with an SPF of 30.
2. If you have relatively clean skin replaces the foundation with a coloring moisturizer with SPF 15. This would cover the small imperfection, will even out the face tan and protect your skin. It will always be hydrated and fresh.
3. If you need greater disguise for the imperfections on your face, you should start by placing a primer as a base before the foundation. The mortifying primer is most suitable if you have oily skin. After the primer dries, apply the foundation as usual. The bases which do not have oil content are most suitable for the summer since they are drier and “stick” better to the more slippery skin in the summer.
4. After applying the foundation, put powder on top of it in order to remain longer on your face without smearing. The mortifying powder is best for oily skin.
5. In your refrigerator keep a bottle of glycerin water and in case you notice you’re your makeup starts lessening distant, do a few light sprays against your face.
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