How to apply eyeliner neatly?


Apply Eyeliner Neatly

Eyeliner is not only a way to play with color and make a statement; it's also the perfect instrument to reshape your eye. You don't have to go under the knife for bigger-looking eyes if you know how to wield an eyeliner brush for your eye shape.

Choose your liquid eyeliner.

 First of all, you decide which eyeliner you will be used. If you chose Liquid eyeliner then Liquid eyeliner comes in two main types: 
  1. felt tip 
  2.  a dip-brush.
  • Felt tip liquid eyeliner is very similar to a marker, and has the eyeliner fed through it like a pen.
  • A dip-brush liquid eyeliner is similar to nail polish in that it comes with a small bottle of the eyeliner with a brush that must be dipped in between each application.

Prepare your eyelids

 After select the eyeliner, you apply eyeliner after doing eye-shadow abut before applying mascara. Put on an eyelid primer to help your eye-shadow and/or eyeliner stick to your lid for the whole day. If you plan on wearing eye shadow, apply it now and your eyeliner will go over the top.

Get in the right position

If you are able, hold a small hand-held mirror in your opposite hand instead of using a large mirror so that you can get a good view of your eyelid and liner application.

Draw a row of dots or dashes

When you will applying liquid eyeliner, increase the chances of uneven tail and wavy line, so you don't put the single line. You will start from the small dots on your upper lash line.

Connect the dots and Smooth out your line

Use small, short, slow strokes to connect the dots or dashes you created along your line. You will be able to create an even line on both eyes that lacks any bumps or waves by following this method. Avoid connecting all the dots in a single stroke, but use several small strokes between each mark. 

 If you find that the top of your line shows the breaks between the dashes, steady your hand and draw a thin line along the edge to smooth it out. Do so on the bottom edge of the liner as well to fill in any space between your eyeliner and your lash line.

Add your tail. 

If you want to extend the eyeliner for a small tail, use your eyeliner to draw a small line that extending upwards on your upper lash line. But when you will draw the tail, carefully apply curve upwards in your lower lash line. And then draw a small triangle from the end of the line with upper lash line and fill in the space between upper and lower lash line.
  • You can stop it early for a natural look, or sweep it far up your lid for a classic cat eye.

Finish your makeup.

  •  With the completion of your eyeliner, apply your mascara and any other finishing touches to your makeup. Use a large, full-bristled brush to wipe off any shadow or eyeliner that might have fallen underneath your eyes. Use a q-tip dipped in makeup remover to remove any mistakes you made in your eyeliner or mascara application.

You can also watch the video to learning perfect eyeliner
 How to apply eyeliner neatly on Youtube

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