how to avoid the worst makeup mistakes?


Avoid the worst makeup mistakes

Women needs to apply makeup at different events. Makeup is an art and some ladies make mistake at the time of applying makeup. They want to look beautiful and pretty that's why they will do unusual things. They apply unnecessary things to look more beautiful. They can avoid such mistakes by learning doing makeup and discuss with others. Now, let's start to discus some mistakes and  point to avoid the worst makeup mistakes. How they apply makeup?

Use best makeup things to look gorgeous

Mistake 1: Apply too much foundation

Many women apply too much foundation on their faces. They want to look beautiful and apply too much foundation to hiding the pimples and acne. But the use of excessive foundation make you ugly when you laughing, talking and doing other things. Extra foundation leave the mark on your face at the time of event. You look unattractive and ugly. So, you can avoid such mistake by applying little amount of foundation.

Mistake 2: Use lighter shade of concealer to hide pimples

Another mistake of makeup is to use lighter shade of concealer to hide the pimples and dark circles. But this lighter shade make your pimple and dark circle more prominent. Use the concealer with your skin tone that matching to your skin and hide your pimples and dark circles. You look more prettier than before.

Mistake 3: Wrong foundation color

A big mistake of using wrong color of foundation. Some women use wrong color of foundation, they do not match the foundation with their skin tone. A dark complexion women use light and whitish foundation to look for better complexion but unfortunately they use wrong color. A solution for this mistake is that you want to use similar foundation for your skin complexion.

Mistake 4: Use Eye-shadow without contour

Many women who knows little about makeup use dark, funky eye shadow without contour. They use dark eye-shadow and start the eye makeup from eyelid and sometimes they start to use eye-shadow from eyelid and apply all the way of eye-brow. These eye makeup is unattractive and look tasteless. You are using contour line and highlighter for looking more pretty. If you are using more than one color merge them carefully.

Mistake 5: Use unsuitable lipstick color

Most of the women use one color and lighten their lips with same color at different events. Some parties requires light color shade of lipstick and some require different shade according to the party. So, you use the suitable color that are suitable for party. And use those colors that looks you more natural look. Use dark color at night parties and light color for day parties. But you can change the lipstick color and complexion with your look.

Choose wrong things for makeup:Mistakes makeup picture

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